Fire Fighter Job Description

The Deerfield Fire Department is able to utilize the services of persons with varying degrees of physical fitness and abilities.

Emergency fire, rescue and medical work requires that a person may go from a state of resting or even sleeping to a state of full activity in a matter of seconds. It is important that both the individual member and the Officers of the Department be aware of any limitations an individual may have.

State of Ohio Law requires that Volunteer Firefighters have a current physical given by a Licensed Physician prior to appointment. We ask that the examining Physician identify any limitations the candidate may have that would limit physical abilities.

Emergency Response

Emergency response calls can come in at any time of the day or night and must be responded to immediately. Sleep and personal activities may be frequently interrupted.

Volunteer on-call Firefighters must be expert at getting themselves quickly and safely to the Station. They must get dressed in the appropriate gear/equipment and onto the emergency vehicles quickly when responding to an emergency call, regardless of what they might be busy with when an emergency call comes in.

Emergency calls can cover anything - brush fires, structure fires, automobile accidents, life-threatening medical emergencies, non-life-threatening medical calls, and false-alarms. All must be responded to with the same speed and professionalism.

Volunteer firefighters must all have a basic idea of command methods and structure. Any individual member may find them selves as the senior member and therefore in charge in the absence of a designated officer of the Department. Standard Operating Procedures are adopted and each member must be familiar with them in able to efficiently do their job.

Once on an emergency scene, Firefighters are responsible for gathering information from witnesses and other sources. It is critical that the Firefighter think quickly and obtain the appropriate information to deal with each unique situation.

After emergency calls, Firefighters must work at the station cleaning equipment to make it ready for the next call.

Volunteer Firefighters are on call at all times and often have family activities interrupted by emergency calls.

Volunteer Firefighters are expected to volunteer to do any activity needed at the station such as cleaning and fund raising activities.

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