Deerfield Fire Department


Photos of the 1976 Portage County Firefighters field day. Photos starting top row left to right. Top left, Deerfield Chief Binckley serving pancake, Deerfield Firefighter (later Chief) Fran Puck mixing batter, Deerfield Firefighter Carl Seckman cooking eggs, and on the receiving side of the table are Deerfield Cadets, 1st one I dont remember, 2nd looks like Clarence Imhoff (now a Ravenna Twp Firefighter) and one of the Everett boys. Top Right Photo is Deerfield Firefighter Jan Hartzel maning the registration table.

Second row left puting up the water barrel poles is left to right Deerfield Firefighters Jon Hall, Miles Felmly, Fran Puck, and I think the last one was a Charlestown Firefighter. 2nd row right photo is Deerfield Fire Dept cadets. Anyone remember their names send email.

3rd row left photo is Firefighters empting the beeer barrel one glass at a time, left slightly leaning over is Deerfield Firefighter Rick Amos, Deerfield Firefighter and later Township Trustee Chuck Earnest is looking at the camera over the sholder of the red T shirt. Photo at right is during a hose lay contest.

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